About me

Oscar Venhuis

Hey, I’m Oscar. Born in Seongnam near Seoul in South Korea but I was raised in Groningen, a small city in the beautiful Kingdom of the Netherlands. The foundation of my career started at the Art Academy in Arnhem, known for its heritage and the movie ‘A bridge too far’. I completed my 3D Design degree in 1995 and continued to study for a post-graduate degree at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. The latter I never finished and left after one year. Instead I completed a Masters Degree in Design Management focusing on comparative research in design-thinking between Hong Kong and British designers.

The first few permanent jobs were in product design but I rapidly moved on to product development and manufacturing in Asia for Nike, Adidas, Tag Heuer, Liz Clairborne and other brands. Manufacturing or ‘how things are made’ has always intrigued me and my curiosity for learning new things has never stopped. After 15 years of endless factory visits across Asia, I felt it was time to explore new industry insights. I moved away from supply chain management and started my own business. After a few failed startup ideas, a brand agency and SaaS web platform, I joined theDesk in June 2016 as one of the three co-founders and permanent board member.

theDesk is a Hong Kong based coworking space. Here I focus on what I am really passionate about; innovation and creativity. Solving high-level and complex business problems through design-thinking from operations to architecture, recruitment, analytics, digital marketing, community and all other aspects of our business strategy. Currently I am working on several very exciting projects. The first is the integration of online and offline experiences or also known as the omni-channel journey. The second is about self-management; a dynamic and ‘boss-free’ business culture where everyone helps others to prosper and to thrive. The third is the result of the previous two. We’re quantifying and monetising trust through shared space…

In my spare time I instruct digital marketing for Google/Squared Online and General Assembly, I photograph, travel, doodle, and sometimes speak at HKU, ClickZ, SCAD, TEDx, BODW, Digital Summit 2017 and other conferences across Asia.

If you have any further questions get in touch with me on (+852) 92640553 or email me on oscar@oscarvenhuis.com

Oscar Venhuis