Armageddon at Ocean Park

The fun begins at Ocean Park

More than 10 years it has taken me to finally visit Ocean Park in Hong Kong. The prospect of large crowds and lines of people waiting have stopped me from going. I know. It is a bad excuse because I really love aquaria; for hours on end I can watch fish gliding around in an aquarium. Do not ask me why. Water seems to have a hypnotising effect on me.

Looking at these photos you probably wonder what the fuss was all about. Where are the large crowds I mentioned?! Fine, Ocean Park was not crowded but it was definitely a lot busier than these photos suggest. It was an evening which may have contributed to the emptiness but you may have noticed all my photos on this blog lack the presence of people. This posting is no exception. People are great for context or for proportions. So what is so great about objects? They do not move nor shout at you or ask to retake the photo because their left eyebrow is too high. Objects are not demanding when you shove a lens in front of them.

Just in case you ask me. Yes, Ocean Park in the evening is awesome and I do have one posting with people. Check out the best kept secret in Hong Kong.

The best thing about this rollercoaster were the colours  Waiting for the empty ride to finish IMG_1097_665 Here is proof that there were not the only visitors at Ocean Park Ocean Park accommodates games for those who want to take entertainment to a different level. Ocean Park's street of fun and yumminess

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