Who designed the Hong Kong Museum of Art?

Hong Kong Museum Of Art Entrance

The Hong Kong Museum of Art sits between the Hong Kong Space Museum and Hong Kong Cultural Centre on Tsim Tsa Tsui’s harbour front. I have visited the Hong Kong Museum of Art several times. To my surprise Hong Kong classic or contemporary art was completely missing. Ok, that was not entirely true. There were a few sticky-taped calligraphy pieces on a wall credited to a Hong Kong artist. It was a sad reminder of the alarming condition of Hong Kong’s art scene. In stark contrast to the sleep inducing exhibition inside the museum, the outside seemed refreshingly bold. I wish I could credit the architect but I was unable to figure out who this person was. Sure it could not have anything to do with the fact the Hong Kong Museum of Art was nominated the 8th ugliest building in the world by virtualtourist.com? Fortunately the musem will be closed in July 2015 and sets to reopen after a HK$930 million renovation in mid 2019. I wonder how they are going to fill the additional 3,000 square meter extension..

HongKong Museum of Art staircase

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