The Former Central Police Station in Hong Kong

Former Central Police Station in Hong Kong

There are several areas on Wyndham Street with a panoramic view over the former Central Police Station and Mid-Levels in Hong Kong. I took this photo while waiting on the 6th floor at the Parekh House, an office building in Central. It is not the first time I have seen this view but the low hanging afternoon mist, which is a rarity in this skyscraper-packed neighbourhood, made this soft-hued view more memorable. The Central Police Station, the construction at the bottom of the photo, is the last considerable historical reference to the British colonial period in this area. Next time when you pass by this heritage site look at the letters ‘G’ and ‘R’ next to the Doric-style pillars, above the main entrance of the Central Police Station on Hollywood Road. The initials are symbols of George V of the United Kingdom.

Police stations disappearing can only mean two things; crime is dwindling or Hong Hong needs another shopping mall. Guess which one? Of course, crime is going down. During the subsequent years after its 1919 establishment there was a surge of people arriving from mainland China and to maintain law and order the Central Police Station was built. When the police headquarters moved from Central to Wanchai, combined with the diminishing crime rate in this area, the Central station slowly lost its relevance.

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