The great escape to Lamma Island

Sunset at Lamma Island

Take a short ferry ride from Central in Hong Hong and you end up at Lamma Island, the third largest island with around 6,000+ villagers. To put that number in context. The Citibank Plaza building on Hong Kong island has a capacity of 10,000 office workers.

What I love about Hong Kong is its colourful history. How Lamma got its name is one of them. According to some people it all started in the 1760’s when one British guy, Alexander Dalrymple, misread his map he had purchased. The previous Portuguese chart owner had written ‘Lama’ at the island’s location, which in Portuguese means ‘mud’. The purpose of this map was to show the entrances to the Pearl River and was referring to the muddy seabed, not the name, because this is relevant for those who want to anchor. At one point in history somebody had a few pints too many and decided to add an extra ‘m’ to Lama, et voila! Lamma was born.

Besides this random fact there is not a lot more I can tell you about Lamma except that during the hot and humid summers the outdoor upper deck, at the back of the ferry, is the best place to enjoy the ocean breeze and if you must, take pictures of the Hong Kong island amazing skyline. There are two routes to Lamma Island from Central Pier 4. Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. Yung Shue Wan is the destination I end up most of the time. Not because it is close to the beach but because it offers the best choice of bars and restaurants.

The outdoor deck is the best place to be on the ferry to Lamma IslandThe Yung Shue Wan ferry pier at sunset Lamma Island Family Walk Sunset at Lamma Island

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