Rumah Boedi in Borobudur

Rumah Boedi open air reception

From Jogjakarta airport it is a two hour taxi drive to Rumah Boedi, a private residence villa in Borobudur hidden away in the ancient kingdom’s rainforest of Wanurejo in Central Java and surrounded by local farmers, craftsmen and artists. That is the nice part.

The nasty one is that this area was infested with hungry blood-sucking mosquitos, and the food and drinks menu was very limited. In fact only tea and coffee were available. Indonesia is predominantly Muslim so alcohol is unavailable at local places. Then there was the odd placement of the TV in our hotel room. It was so high on the wall, just under the ceiling, and so far away that it was impossible to watch TV unless you were Michael Jordan with a hunched back. Lastly, there was no fresh fresh juice during the days we stayed here. This was really odd because I recalled that our taxi passed by several fruit vendors a few minutes away from the hotel. But, for $55 USD per night it was worth all the money.

Rumah Boedi private residence
Tingal Wetan, Wanurejo, Borobudur
Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia
Tel. +62-293-788773

Rumah Boedi outdoor massage hut Perfect cigar area at Rumah BoediHotel Rumah Boedi reception

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