A lazy day at Gili Meno

Gili Meno is boring. There is hardly anything to do. But that is exactly the reason why we decided to travel to this tiny sanctuary with a population of just 400 habitants. The island is so small that it takes less than 90 minutes to walk around the entire island at a very leisurely pace. It took us several planes, taxis and boats to get to Gili Meno, a tranquil pocket-sized island in the Bali Sea to celebrate New Year’s Eve as far away from all the commotion in Hong Kong.

A stone’s throw away from the ocean was our private wooden beach hut with stunning panoramic views. The afternoon heat pierced through our seaside shelter as I calmly walked through the open plan living room. It was quiet. There was nothing, except the monotonous sound of the hypnotising ocean swells. After we unpacked our bags we strolled slowly, for about 20 seconds, from our bungalow to the nearest beach cafe.

Still in Hong Kong efficiency mode, we finished the entire lunch in twenty minutes and sat around for another hour to recover from the food coma that had suddenly kicked in. We continued the afternoon with more lazy activities which included staring at the blue horizon, counting clouds, just looking around, eating more Indonesian cuisine and diving with local sea life from Green Sea Turtles to Trumpetfish, Morey Eels, White Reef Shark, and many Green Bottles. The latter was a special kind of Gili Meno species, locally known as Bintang Beer. I saw these frequently while we welcomed the new year on Gili Meno.

Karma Reef Resort
Gili Meno, Gili Islands, Indonesia.

Karma Reef ResortKarma Reef private beach hutsLunch with a view over Karma BeachThe perfect daydream spot at Karma ReefA table with an amazing view at Sasak Cafe at Gili MenoThe last sunset of 2015 at Sasak Cafe

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