Mid-Autumn Festival in Victoria Park

Mid Autumn Festival in Victoria Park

Mid-Autumn Festival in Victoria Park is one of the annual celebrations when it seems everyone has decided simultaneously to gather in one place in Hong Kong. On a normal day Hong Kong is crowded enough. During the Mid-Autumn season the horde of people is insane. I should have gotten used by the concretion of residents, but I have not. Luckily the best time to see the lanterns is during night time, my favourite time of Hong Kong. The darkness covers up all the madness and instead highlights the fantastic city skyline we have here. So if you don’t mind being pushed around for a few hours, the colourful lanterns against the dark Hong Kong skyline is a wondrous display of light.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Victoria Park is not the only place to see the amazing hand-made Chinese lanterns. My other favourite areas are West Kowloon, City Harbour, on the grounds of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza and next to the Clocktower in Tsim Tsa Tsui. Each Mid-Autumn Festival has a signature piece chosen through a design competition organised by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and several design organisations. The winning piece is judged based on four criteria: creativity, practicality and safety compliance, use of environmentally friendly materials, and cost (not to exceed HK$2,000,000 or approximately US$250,000). The centrepiece of this year’s festival is the Guinness Book of World Records fish-shaped lantern, created with over 1,000 lanterns.

William Lim's record-breaking giant fish made of over 1,000 lanterns at the Mid-Autumn Festival Victoria Park.P1090911_665It seems every soul in Hong Kong has gathered at the Mid-Autumn Festival Victoria Park.

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