The palace of Amber Fort in Amer

Amber Fort

Amber Fort in Jaipur is another UNESCO World Heritage site in India’s Golden Triangle. The palace of the Rajput rulers is also known as Amer Fort and Amber Palace. Along with Jaigarh Fort the palace is located immediately above on the Hill of Eagles. The Amber Fort is a vast complex with so many rooms and areas that I forgot the names of each building and which photo is where. The one thing I recall is that the Amber Fort palace is connected by a subterranean passage with Jaigarh Fort. This was meant as an rescue route in times of war for the royal family members in the Amer Fort to escape to the more impregnable Jaigarh Fort.

Amber Fort silhouette Amber Fort embellishments Amber Fort skyline The Amber Fort defence wall  The Amber FortIMG_3145_665Arches of Amber Fort Wild monkeys of the Amber Fort

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