The clearest blue sea water at Cape Greco in Cyprus

Cape Greco and the sea caves

According to local legend Cape Greco or Cavo Greco’s sea cave is the home of the Aiya Napa sea monster. Maybe, I did not see any monsters crawling around. One thing is certain. The sea has the clearest turquoise colour my eyes have ever seen. The Cape Greco area is a protected nature park at the southern end of Famagusta Bay near […]

Chapel of Ayia Thekla

Ayia Thekla chapel in Cyprus

A few kilometers west of Ayia Napa is Ayia Thekla or a 10min drive from Sotira, the village where my sister Nina lives. When I think of Cyprus this is the epitomy of the Mediterranean, the chapel at Ayia Thekla. I have seen this chapel many times and I admit it is not an architectural master piece. But what draws […]

Sotira sunrise in Cyprus

Sotira is waking up very slowly

Sotira wakes up to a beautiful array of soft gold and deep orange shades. The sunrise is an captivating sight, especially if you’re jet legged. I am visiting my sister Nina and her husband Tasos, owners of 4 weddings and a caricature, and their three kids Emilio, Julia, and Sofia. They live in a teeny municipal with a few houses on a […]