Peta Borobudur

Peta Borobudur in Central Java

Built in the 9th century in Indonesia, Peta Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple. The monument was designed to show the Buddhist concept of achieving Nirvana. We started our journey at 5.45am from our hotel Ruman Boedi hoping to catch the sunrise. To my surprise it was already light outside when we got up. We took the tuk-tuk but […]

Ryokan hot spring

What the bleep is a ryokan?! It is not something I visit every day and I can try to explain what a Ryokan is but Wikipedia explains it well so I am just going to quote them “Ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese inn that originated in the Edo period (1603–1868), serving travelers along Japan’s highways. They […]

Mutianyu Valley in China

Mutianyu valley in China

You may not be familiar with the mountains of Mutianyu (慕田峪). It is a about 70 kilometres from Beijing or about  1.5 hours by car. Mutianyu is popular with tourists visiting one of the world wonders called the Great Wall of China. The Mutianyu section is the longest and best restored part of the Great […]

Tiananmen square celebration

There is something new at Tiananmen Square

I always thought that the Tiananmen Square was the largest square in China but I just figured out it is the 6th largest in the world. The largest square is the Xinghai Square in Dairen, China. But who cares. The square is big and boring. I don’t find it a particularly exciting square because it […]

People resting at the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing

The Forbidden City is right in the middle of Beijing city. It is not randomly somewhere in the city but exactly in the centre. The rest of today’s metropolis was carefully built around it. Other UNESCO world heritage sites I visited such as the Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Peta Borobudur are far away from the centre. Another fun fact […]

Amber Fort

The palace of Amber Fort in Amer

Amber Fort in Jaipur is another UNESCO World Heritage site in India’s Golden Triangle. The palace of the Rajput rulers is also known as Amer Fort and Amber Palace. Along with Jaigarh Fort the palace is located immediately above on the Hill of Eagles. The Amber Fort is a vast complex with so many rooms and areas that I forgot the names of […]

Taj Mahal at sunrise

We have arrived at the Taj Mahal

The crown of palaces, or the Taj Mahal, is an extraordinary masterpiece of Persian and Mughal architecture. Describing a building of this grandeur is very difficult but I’ll give it a go. What I find most fascinating are the minarets on each corner. They aren’t very decorative and in fact very bland compared with the intricate […]

The clearest blue sea water at Cape Greco in Cyprus

Cape Greco and the sea caves

According to local legend Cape Greco or Cavo Greco’s sea cave is the home of the Aiya Napa sea monster. Maybe, I did not see any monsters crawling around. One thing is certain. The sea has the clearest turquoise colour my eyes have ever seen. The Cape Greco area is a protected nature park at the southern end of Famagusta Bay near […]