The reason for this blog

Why did I start a blog? Thanks for asking. I never cherished a secret ambition to become a professional writer or photographer and it is highly unlikely I will ever make a living from it and to be very frank, I like to keep it that way. Creating something without a financial incentive is a very liberating escapism in a city that is incredibly expensive. The reasons for this blog are very practical.

  1. I take enough photos on my smartphone that I decided to get a monthly cloud subscription to store all my data. Unless I do something with my photos, what is the point keeping it safe somewhere in a cloud? I could print out a yearly selection of my ‘greatest moments’ and put the photographs in a nice leather photo album and show it off to my friends, family and colleagues. I could, but I am simply too lazy to do that.
  2. Friends and family ask me about my life in Asia and in particular about my life in Hong Kong where I have been living and working for several years. The advantage of a blog is that now, without asking, everyone can read my postings and get a general sense of what I have been up to, regardlessly what timezone they are in or where they are located.
  3. It is my personal logbook. The internet is accessible anytime and anywhere which can not be said of my own memory. Unfortunately upgrading myself isn’t possible yet so when my memory fails me I can go back to this site and retrace certain moments of my own life.

These are the main reasons that motivated me to start a blog. Some people write postings effortlessly but for me it takes a lot of effort so I procrastinated the idea for a website for a very long time. Then finally in 2015, I spent several days learning the basics of WordPress, purchased a domain name and created this personal blog. And voila!

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Happy reading,