Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Bird's eye view over Hong Kong

So far I refrained myself to post pictures of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong because there are already so many photos available. Then again without the most famous landmark I would offer an incomplete picture of Hong Kong on this blog. Victoria Peak is slightly higher than the ICC skyscraper but it is not the highest peak, that is Tai Mo Shan. However, Victoria Peak does has the most spectacular view over Hong Kong island and Kowloon. When I took these photos it was a very cloudy day. For most people this would be a reason for not going, especially if you want to have a clear view over Kowloon, but I had been waiting for a cloudy day. Not any kind of cloud but one that would hover just above the Victoria Peak. My previous attempts were unsuccessful because by the time I walked up from Sai Ying Pun the clouds were either too high or too low.

Clouds gather at the Victoria Peak lookoutStubbs Road Lookout at Victoria Peak

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